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We at Capital Literary™ have key relationships with partners across multiple industries to help both new and established talent create new and exciting opportunities. With a unique focus on new media and brand management, we care about the future of our clients. Our aim is to develop a long-term strategy with our authors and to grow long-term value in their content across multiple media platforms.  


Located in the tech-centric, culture-driven, capital city of Austin, Texas, we represent a wide range of non-fiction and we are looking for original, diverse, fresh, and thought-provoking voices. We’re particularly interested in writers who are using contemporary modes of sharing content in a creative and effective way. 


Please submit all book submissions in Microsoft Word document format to: 

Please send a detailed proposal, cover letter, intro, and sample chapter. 

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of change.


Whitney Gossett is known for her management and marketing mindset and believes in taking a holistic approach to publishing, and strategically using content to strengthen the larger message of a brand.


In addition to literary representation, Whitney has served her clients by executive producing non-scripted television projects for networks such as TLC, BRAVO, HGTV, and Facebook. 


In 2020, Whitney became president of Content Capital, a full-service agency, holistically serving talent through multiple verticals.



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Lauren Hall is a literary agent, producer, and #1 New York Times bestselling writer who comes alongside thinkers, artists, and content creators to bring big ideas to life.

Over her eight years in publishing, she has worked on 26 New York Times bestselling books at different stages of the publishing process. 

Having participated in every step of the publishing process—agenting, editing, designing, promoting, and co-writing—has provided her a deep insight into what makes a content commercially and culturally successful. With a formal and traditional background in publishing as an agent and editor, she now hopes to thoughtfully dismantle obligatory processes to build more thoughtful and holistic paths forward and plug publishing back into the zeitgeist.



We value making deep connections with our authors through exceptional

communication and collaboration. 

Capital Literary™ takes a unique team approach to provide a holistic and well-rounded publishing experience for authors. Combining keen marketing expertise with robust editorial, Capital Literary™ helps authors hone their book vision, develop compelling proposals, find their ideal publisher, negotiate competitive deals, navigate the publishing process, build thoughtful marketing plans, strategically build long-term careers for talent and provide the most positive and profitable publishing experience for clients, from the international book market, podcasts, film and TV, merchandise, online media and beyond. 

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In 2021, Capital Literary partnered with Terra Firma, an independent studio that shares Capital Literary's core values: Terra firma is a full-service, on-demand audio digital audio network that connects our authors to listeners who care. Our podcast company, Terra Firma, drives hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for our authors-turned-podcasters.


With holistic solutions, including strategy, content creation and production, brand integration, and distribution, our network is leading the way in creating thoughtful content and innovative opportunities for our select clients.

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